App Name: Barcode+Free


Target Device: iPhone


Description: Barcode+Free is good demo for the warehouse, stocks taking (counting), logistics, asset management or data management business. Without re-purchasing the bar-code scanner, you can easily pick up the most 1-dimensional bar-code, EAN/UPC and QR-Code, store in CSV file and export via email. In the coming advance version, it will support FTP transfer.
The data picking via locations with multi items; no matters fixed assets or non fixed assets, then shown up in review.
CSV file's fields listed by following order: Location ID, Item ID, QTY, TimeStamp
Note: This version will output with sample file ONLY.


Screen Capture:

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 12.57.03 AM.png





Standard (Barcode+) - Support Email Only
Advance (BarcodeAdv) - Support Email & FTP
Exclusive (BarcodeEx) - Support Email & FTP, plus dedicated fields (backup inclusive)